This Is JCali

by Jonathan Calixto

Who is Jonathan Calixto?

First off, if you've made it this far in my page...thank you!

Through much thought about how do I create a central place for all my work and showcase what I'm passionate about I decided to create,

"This Is JCali"

This is a space I'm opening up to bring some of you into the experiences I've been blessed to be a part of thus far in my life and career. While I am still on my way, you'll get a peak into documenting and discussing some of my favorite things like fashion, music, writing, and events. Before that, I'll tell you more about the man behind, This Is JCali.


Jonathan Calixto is a proud Peruvian, born and raised in Bronx, NY. Having graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor of Arts he is now adding to his resume titles such as Junior Account Coordinator, Fashion and Lifestyle Editor, and Styling Assistant. His desire is to reach and share his ideas with a broader audience as a way to showcase that "if you dream it, you can be it" - having been fortunate enough to be guided in the direction of his dreams to aspire one day in become a performer, and entertainment news anchor, he wants to one day inspire someone else to follow their dreams no matter the "barriers" society may put on you.


So here it is, join me in this new adventure as you find out, This is JCali.

Thank you!

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